Count Rostov

Steampunk Comedian & Impresario

Rayguns in Aspic I - cast members


Miss Emilly Ladybird
(Jema Hewitt)

Emilly Ladybird works for Dickens and Rivett – Purveyors of Unusual and Interesting Artifacts. She travels in a hot air balloon with her faithful family retainer Mr. Woppit, having adventures in the steampunk universe and collecting beautiful things. She has a large collection of teeny hats and very tight corsets.

If you are into Steampunk you may well have heard of Miss Emilly’s real life persona; Jema Hewitt – author of ‘Steampunk Emporium’ and other books on steampunk jewellery and crafting. She runs a variety of courses and workshops from her studio and has over 20 years experience in the film, bridal, television, museum and theatre costuming business.

Kit Cox
(AKA Jack Union)

What can I say about Kit that wouldn’t result in me ending up in court for libel? Well, he is a dashing, handsome, illustrator and artist, stand-up comedian and the creative genius behind his famed alter-ego Jack Union, monster hunter and adventurer!

Watch out for his fabulous book "How to bag a Jabberwock: A practical guide to monster hunting."

Chandy Nath
(of Sunday Driver)

Best known as the lead singer of the wonderful steampunk band
Sunday Driver, Chandy has many other talents under her sari including being an ice scientist in Antartica, a radio presenter and a science advisor.

She is also quite a voice talent – bringing a wide range of exotic accents and bizarre sounds to the production.

Kuljit Bhamra MBE

Kuljit Bhamra is responsible for the sound production on the CD and also plays Mr Khan Singh in one of the sketches.

An internationally famous tabla player and producer of many Bhangra hits, Kuljit has written scores for a number of movies and was the main percussionist for the original production of Bombay Dreams. Amongst many other accolades he has appeared in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and has been awarded an MBE for services to music.

We have been very privileged to be able to call upon his talents as a producer on the CD.

Herr Döktor
(Ian Crichton)

Often described as steampunk royalty (usually just to annoy his humble self) Herr Döktor is probably more familiar to people as the awesome prop maker behind so many amazing steampunk devices, and now as the designer of the Brass Goggles Ring.

He has also written stories for the “Tales from the Asylum” and “Beyond the Asylum” steampunk short story compilations.

Count Rostov
Writer and Producer

Born at an early age, and with his heart in the right place, Count Rostov claims to be a Russian noble with a tendency to time travel.

A hopeless undercover operative, he attempts to thwart evil and somehow succeeds despite an addiction to gin and appallingly bad one-liners.

A master of ginjitsu, he presents comedy shows in his spare time, writing scripts and fooling highly talented individuals to take part.